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Reader/Editor. Ayaskala Literary Magazine. 


In the Clouds. Best of the Net 2023 Nominee. Sundress Publications (One Black Boy Like That Review).

The Bubble. The B'k Best Small Fictions 2021 Nominee.


Inescapable. Amazon Kindle Pen 2 Publish Submission.

Shadow of a Star. Tales in the City (Volume 4). Ukiyoto. (Can also be read here)


The Distraction (The Four Boys Club). miniMAG. March 2023. 

The Day The Chill Dad Died (The Four Boys Club). Hot Pot Magazine. March 2023.

The Saint's Past (The Four Boys Club). Livina Press. March 2023.

Out Lost. Wayward Literature. February 2023.

Freefall (Republished). Ilinix Lit Mag. January 2023.

Blink of an Eye (Republished). Ilinix Lit Mag. January 2023.

The Dancing Balloon. Fulminare Review. January 2023.

Out Lost. The Creative Zine. December 2022.

The Worst Decision (Republished)The Creative Zine. December 2022.

The Other Me (Republished)The Creative Zine. December 2022.

Freefall. Penumbra Online. November 2022.

To Cherish and Exhaust (Republished). Overtly Lit. September 2022.

Atop. The Creative Zine. September 2022. (Can also be read here)

Anatomy of Boredom (Republished). Livina Press. August 2022.

Irony in Red. Impspired Magazine. August 2022.

Anatomy of Boredom. Abditory Literary Journal. July 2022. (Can also be read here)

In the Clouds. One Black Boy Like That Review. July 2022.

Illusion of Reality. Spare Parts Lit. June 2022.

Blink of an Eye (Republished). Impractical Things Magazine. May 2022.

The Barrel Conundrum. Ilinix Lit Mag. May 2022.

Call of the Swing Sets. Slice O' Life Lit Mag. April 2022.

Interpretation of Misery. Overtly Lit. April 2022.
The CampfireAdoxography Lit Mag. March 2022. 
Blink of an Eye (Republished). Alternate Route. February 2022.
Eyes Wide Open (Republished). Alternate Route. February 2022.
Blink of an Eye. Writenow Lit. January 2022.
Yellow Fear. Writenow Lit. January 2022.
Eyes Wide Open (Republished)The Milk House. January 2022.
Chasing Nowhere (Republished)Honeyfire Literary Magazine. January 2022.
Eyes Wide OpenGencontrolz Magazine. December 2021.
​To Cherish and ExhaustHoneyfire Literary Magazine. November 2021.
The Other MeAnalogies and Allegories. November 2021.
Chasing NowhereProvenance Journal. October 2021.
The Awful, the WonderfulMelbourne Culture Corner. October 2021.
Not a StalkerFiery Scribe Review. October 2021.
Zero to GhastlyWritenow Lit. August 2021.
Crown Joel (Republished)
Orange Blush Zine. August 2021.
An Ideal WorldAnalogies & Allegories Literary Magazine. July 2021.
Red GuiltAnalogies & Allegories Literary Magazine. July 2021.
The Sounds that BelongThe Milk House. July 2021.
Predicament (Republished)Querencia Literary Magazine. July 2021.
The Picture on the Shelf (Republished)Warning Lines Mag. June 2021.
PredicamentRasa Literary Review. June 2021.
The Worst DecisionMarias at Sampaguitas. May 2021.
Two SwordsMelbourne Culture Corner. May 2021.
Crowded HeadNymphs Literary Magazine. April 2021.
The Domino LandslideSledgehammer Lit. April 2021.
The BubbleThe B'k. April 2021.
Crown JoelThe Mark Literary Review. March 2021.
Plumber's Dilemma. The Daily Drunk Mag. February 2021.
The DanceTealight Press. January 2021.
The Miserably Failed UprisingThe Babel Tower Notice Board. January 2021.
An Ode to BellbottomsThe Daily Drunk Mag. December 2020.
The UrgeThe Cabinet of Heed. October 2020.
The PastAll Ears. September 2020.
​​The Picture on the ShelfAll Ears. July 2020.

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